Monday, February 25, 2013

Is he still talking about shrimp???

Yes, I am still talking about shrimp.  Hey, what can I say - they are delicious and plump and go well with many different foods!

But the main reason for this post is to point out that the bird-brain over at Background Dominated forgot to mention one crucial point about the Republicans using "shrimp on a treadmill" as a scapegoat for spending cuts.

While the smarter Republicans (and yes, Democrats too!) out there may actually realize what they are saying is ridiculous but say it anyway just to get votes, the problem is that a lot of people actually believe what the politicians and pundits say.  For example, many people actually think that the shrimp on a treadmill study was wasteful spending because people on the news told them so.

It's absolutely absurd that these people deceive us so frequently and so easily.  I shouldn't only pick on Republicans here (though, they are the ones that usually go after science), because Democrats deceive us too.

What I advocate for most strongly is for people to not blindly believe what they hear on the news, but rather to think about the issues for themselves.  Think about them rationally, critically, with skepticism, and if necessary do the research - e.g., look up the shrimp study!  Then, and only then, can you make an informed decision!

As an example, don't just listen to the hot air coming out of this guy's mouth:

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