Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where is that darn X-ray observer?

Hmm, I seem lost without someone to pick on.  Sure, I can pick on the media for manipulating the truth to suit their political and idealogical agendas.  Or, I can pick on politicians for never getting anything done in DC and just playing the blame game (... for the love of pete, the sequester is the fault of both sides!!!).

But this has grown tiresome.  You've all heard these rants before, and many of you probably share my frustration with our country, with our mainstream media, etc. etc..

My real dispute lies with the X-ray astronomer - my true nemesis!  Despite many provocations on my part, this foolofatook has yet to respond to my battle cry.

Personally, I think he's just too afraid to debate with me.  After all, in our recent trip together to Salt Lake City, I remember whooping his ass in a debate about ... well, I can't quite remember (some beers were ingested).  But I won the debate.  I think it was something about the definition of a physicist.... hmm  And I KNOW that just yesterday, my logic prevailed when it came to a debate about which is more useful: pessimism vs. optimism.

The number of his blog posts is on par with the number of photons he gets from his big odd shaped X-ray telescope in the sky (for the astronomers out there, I actually do think NuSTAR is pretty cool... I just have a problem with this particular scientist involved in the project).  So, where did the X-ray astronomer go?? Why hasn't he posted more? I guess he is busy doing science or something.  Pssh!  I seem to be doing just fine posting in this blog AND doing science.

So, Background Dominated - if you're out there, post something!  I am quite anxious to show the world how very much superior my logic is to yours.   After all, if anyone seriously buys a hat like this, how can you possibly take them seriously???

I know I posted this picture before, but I can't get over this hat!!!

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