Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday night of a 31 year old

So it's about 9 PM on Friday night, and I am sitting here in my pajamas.  Just a few moments ago, I had severe writer's block.  I wanted to write in the blog, but what about?  Sure, I could think up something about astronomy or science or philosophy to discuss.  That is the point of my blog after all.  But tonight, I am feeling particularly non-sciency... is that a word?  In any case, I'll redefine it here to mean that I don't want to think about science.  Yes, even passionate scientists sometimes need a break from what they do.  Don't we all, even for those who absolutely adore their jobs?

Anyway, yea, this is what my evening was turning into: rambling about non-sense that has nothing to do with anything.  But then, my sole source of entertainment for the evening arrived via text from Background Dominated.  He informed me that I should not eat too much guacamole.  Curious as to the origin of this odd (but logical) statement, yet cautious as to the direction of this conversation, I asked him what the hell he was talking about.  Apparently, he made some guacamole out of 3 avocados and ate nearly all of it in one sitting.  There wasn't much detail that followed that description.  I'm just glad he's about 2000 miles away right now so that I don't have to sense what's coming later...

You may not think this story is particularly funny.  And is it really?  I mean, the idiot ate nearly 3 avocados and thought that was a good idea?  And he has a PhD... *snicker*.

Anyway, like I said, this sad little story is the source of my entertainment for the evening.  I guess that's what happens when you are an adult... things becoming as boring as chicken broth (FYI: I find chicken broth incredibly boring).   What happened to those wild days when I went partying all the time and got drunk and woke up in strange places?  Oh wait... that never happened to me.... at least not that I can remember.  Hmmm... either that did happen and I really can't remember anything or I studied physics and astronomy as a student in college.  I think it was the latter...

So, yea, I'm totally lame.  But you know what?  I don't really care.  I like my quiet evenings and receiving random texts from people who eat too much guacamole.  Who cares what you do as long as *you* enjoy doing it?!

Oy, I've written like 5 paragraphs and the only points I think I've made are:
1) Don't eat 3 avocados - you will regret it.
2) Be yourself and do what you want (unless doing what you want involves eating 3 avocados).

So, there you go boys and girls... the best I can do on this Friday night.  Uh... have a good weekend I guess...

31 year old scientist not doing science
Also, why does my chest look so big here??

Man who eats too many avocados.
Also, I am guessing this will be his expression in a few hours.
But without the hat...


  1. I don't think your chest looks big there, but if it is, perhaps you've caught *someone*'s "overly large torso" disease?

  2. I studied physics and astronomy in college *and* woke up in strange places. Why can't I post using my facebook account? -Jake 2.0